Our Turkeys

There are turkeys and then there are turkeys - Slow growing, slow maturing, bronze free range turkeys are the tastiest turkey you can have for your Christmas dinner.

Arriving with us as young poults in early August, they are allowed to mature slowly and are twice the age of the average white intensively farmed Christmas turkey, with the result a superior flavour. 

At Kemps farm they wander around their field having plenty of exercise, just as nature intended, foraging and investigating what is going on around them. 

Finally the turkeys are dry plucked and game hung allowing a fuller flavour and texture to develop in the meat.

All this takes time and so it costs more to produce, but we think it is worth it - why don't you try one and see for yourself.

If you would like to order a turkey for collection either at Horsforth Pick Your Own or at Glebe Farm, Malton please email us.